Free House Studios

Established by engineer/producer Sam Dyson in 2013 Free House Studios is a state of the art recording studio in the heart of Bristol City Centre fusing analogue and digital recording and mixing techniques to ensure the highest possible quality final recordings.

Our live room was meticulously designed to sound amazing with vocals, guitar, strings and horns and is one of the best sounding drum rooms you are likely to hear in your lifetime providing a solid foundation for great sounding final mixes.

Our philosophy isA�quality in, quality out, and our use of top of the range microphones, amps, audio interfaces, outboard gear, software and plugins ensures quality in every recording, every mix and every master.


Live Room

The Garage

Built to add beautiful ambience to your recordings, The Garage is an incredibly crafted live room, perfect for drums, singers, acoustic guitars, horn sections, string quartets and anything else you might want to add a little sparkle to.



  • Vox AC30 Valve Amp
  • Yamaha YD Drum Kit
  • TC Electronics BG250 Bass Amp
  • Roland RS-70 Keyboard
  • Full Equipment List


  • Neuman TLM 103
  • AKG C414 XLii
  • ElectroVoice RE20
  • SE X1
  • Full Equipment List

    Vocal Booth

    The Shower

    Acoustically neutral, The Shower is perfect for recording in-your-face rap vocals, re-amping, sound design and much more.


    Control Room

    The Kitchen

    Designed around a Mackie 24:8 Bus Analogue Console, Audient and Focusrite preamps and an iMac loaded with the latest Waves, UAD, Sound Toys (and many more) plugins, The Kitchen is a superb mixing and mastering room.


  • Mackie 24:8 Bus Analogue Console
  • Audient ASP008 Microphone Preamps
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Microphone Preamps
  • Focal Twin6 Be Monitors
  • Yamaha NS10 Monitors
  • Waves, UAD, Soundtoys + more plugins
  • Full Equipment List


  • Mackie 24:8 Bus Analogue Console
  • Mackie Big Knob Studio Command System

  • Focal Twin6 Be Monitors

  • Yamaha NS10M Monitors

  • Audient ASP008 Microphone Preamps

  • RME Preamps

  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Microphone Preamps

  • Focusrite OctoPre Microphone Preamps

  • Avalon U5 DI

  • Akai 4000DS Tape Machine

  • Samson S Patch Patchbay

  • Behringer PowerPlay Pro-8 HA800
  • BeyerDynamic DT100 Headphones
  • Microphones
  • Neumann TLM 103
  • AKG C414 XLS (2)

  • AKG C414 XLii

  • SE RN17 (2)

  • AKG D12E

  • ElectroVoice Re20 (2)

  • t.Bone RB500 (2)

  • Senneiser MD421 mkII

  • AKG C1000

  • SE4 (2)

  • SE X1

  • Shure SM57 (2)

  • UHER M534 (2)

  • Shure SM58
  • Instruments/Amps
  • Vox AC30 Guitar Amp
  • Yamaha YD Drum Kit

  • Takamine G Series Classical Guitar

  • Roland RS-70 Keyboard

  • Aria STB Bass

  • Line6 DT25 Combo Guitar Amp
  • TC Electronic BG250 Bass Amp
  • Examples

    Browse music recorded, mixed and mastered at Free House Studios by genre below.







    Free House has recorded a wide range of musicians, bands and artists including:

    Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne, Snakecharmer)

    Laurence Cottle (Black Sabbath, Alan Parsons Project)

    Duncan James (Blue)

    Little People

    Yola Carter

    Laurent John (Dr Meaker)

    China Bowls

    Troy Ellis

    Rebecca Clements



    The Marginal

    Salute The Sun

    Open Day

    Laguna Park

    Little Moon

    Seb Hawley Band

    Blue City

    Will Harvey

    In The Goodship


    Tony D


    Dre Pound






    Stone Agent

    Voiceovers and ADR work

    As well as our work with musicians and bands, Free House has worked on a number of voiceover and ADR projects.

    Previous clients include:

    The New York Times (The Modern Games VR)

    The New Yorker (Poem recording)

    NBC (Emerald City TV series)

    Equine Productions


    Development Initiatives

    Epoch Designs

    Original Concept

    Studio C

    DARE West

    Hurricane Media



    Studio time is charged at a rate of A?25 per hour or…

    A?1005 hrs

    Half Day

    A?150per day

    1 Day in the Studio

    A?6005 days

    5 Days in the studio

    All bookings include an engineer.

    Our minimum booking is 2 hours.


    Q. How long is a day in the studio?

    A. A standard day in the studio starts atA�10am and runs until 8pm.

    We are flexible so please get in touchA�with your requirements .

    Q. When we book a whole day, do we have to stop as soon as our 10 hours are up?

    A. Not necessarily, but wea��ve yet to meet a band who can produce anything worthwhile after 10 hoursa�� solid work.

    We have been known to record for 14-15 hours but whether or not we carry on will be at the recording engineersa�� discretion.

    Q. How much studio time do I need?

    A. Every artist and session is different and so there are no hard and fast rules. It will depend on the size of the band, the length and complexity of the songs, how well rehearsed you are etc. Feel free to get in touchA�to discuss your project in more detail.

    AA�well rehearsed band can track and mix a demo in between 6 hours and a day (A?100-A?150).

    Q. What is mixing and mastering?

    A. Once your tracks are recorded they will need to be mixed and mastered before they can be released.

    MixingA�is taking the various elements of a song and using EQ, compression and other effects to create a song greater than the sum of its parts.

    MasteringA�isA�taking the mixed stereo track making it appropriate for radio play and for its release – subtle differences will need to be made for tracks released online, on CD, on vinyl etc. It is also important to create cohesion between individual songs on a single project, you don’t want different volumes on various tracks on the same album.

    Q. Is mixing and mastering included?

    A. Mixing and mastering are not included but can be completed during your session if you book enough time. Otherwise, mixing is charged at A?150 per track.

    Q. Can I take my tracks elsewhere to be mixed?

    A. Of course! You will need to bring a Mac-formatted hard drive with lots of free space so we can transfer your multitracks over (allow for at least 5 GB per recording day). USB sticks will work, but they take MUCH longer to back up.

    Q. Can I come and look around the studio?

    A. Absolutely, just get in touchA�to arrange a viewing.

    Q. How long do you keep the session files?

    A. Everything we record gets backed up to multiple hard drives and our cloud severs and is kept for a minimum of 3 months.

    Q. What do we need to bring to the studio?

    A. We have a great selection of gearA�here at the studio, including a drum kit and guitar/bass amps which can be used free of charge but we recommend you bring your own kit that you are comfortable with.

    Bear in mind the importance of new and tuned strings and drumheads. Making sure your gear is in excellent condition can really help speed up the recording process.

    If you are bringing backing tracks to record, quality is everything. If you start with an mp3 backing track your final track will never sound as good as it can. Best practice is to bring stems of the backing track in WAV, or at least a WAV stereo bounce.

    If you would like to retain your multitracks from the session then please bring a Mac-formatted with plenty of free space.

    Q. Can you provide session musicians?

    A. Yep. Having worked with a number of musicians around the city and the country we can get session players for your project, pleaseA�get in touchA�to arrange this.

    Q. Do you offer work experience placements?

    A.A�Please send CVs to [email protected]A�and if any placements come up we may be in touch.