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  • Recording Studio
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Full Band Production

01 Recording

• Large collection of microphones • Vocal booth • Ambient live room • Range of instruments • Range of preamps

02 Mixing & Mastering

• Specialist outboard • Pro Tools 11 and Logic Pro X • Latest Waves and UAD2 plugins + more • Melodyne and Autotune

03 Production

• Beatmaking • Arrangement • Songwriting • Years of experience

What We Do

Check out this collection of tracks recorded, mixed, mastered, written and produced at Free House. Then get in touch to let us know what we can do for you.

Examples of Our Work


Minimum 2 hour booking. All rates include an engineer.
If you want to put down a couple of tracks, record a demo, an EP or an album, you can book the perfect package for you.

£25 / hour

£100 / 5 hours

£150 / full day

£400 / 3 days

£600 / 5 days

Studio Rates

Recording at Free House

Natalie Dawn – Iron Sky
Natalie Dawn brought her band down to Free House to record her cover of Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini. Check out the video below

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The first links in the recording chain are the performance and the room used. Recording in a poorly designed room will lead to poor recordings which cannot be fixed in the mix – similarly, mixing in an untreated control room will lead to mistakes in your mix!

That’s why we worked so hard on making sure the live and control rooms at Free House sound so good to ensure quality throughout the recording and mixing process.


With a range of excellent condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphones, and vast experience and knowledge of microphone placement we can capture a transparent replication of any sound source.

The differences in the sonic qualities of different sound sources mean that its important to have a range of microphones to suit the varying requirements of recording drums, guitars, amps, strings, brass, vocals and so on.


The right mic in the right room on the right source is great but you need to get THAT sound onto the record. Our preamps and audio interfaces are top of the range and ensure that nothing is lost when capturing your music.

The combination of our rooms, mics, gear and expertise means that you can have complete confidence that we will capture an accurate representation of your music.

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